This website is an online platfrom where cyclists can access all the information they need or reserve a tour when they are traveling to Miyagi for cycling.
Let's ride the bike to fully enjoy Miyagi Prefecture which has an abundant nature (mountains, oceans, basin, etc.) during any season.


  • Paths by Yuzu Citrus Farms, Frogs Praying for Rain

    Remodeled from an old house with 170 years of history, giving out a feel of Japan. It provides food, shelter, along with a wide range of activities menu such as cycling and trekking to bridge up participants with nature closely.

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  • "Marumori" Cycling

    Guided cycling tours reaching less popular but more attractive and nostalgic Japanese spots with history- with nice places of interest, excursions, and fun activities. No worries about breakdown (long distance and slopes), beginners-friendly.

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  • Cycling Trains & Buses

    Design your own routes! Make good use of this bike-onboard special transport service only in southern Miyagi. Come and explore your unique journey with us!

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